Penguins on Valentines Day


Love is in the air!  It is that time of the year where everything turns into red hearts  around us! But here at Blue Orange Games, we noticed that some red hearts were coming out of our Pengoloo boxes, so we had to investigate.

It turns out that all of our Pengoloo Penguins were finding their one true love for life!  This makes sense because that is what all penguins do! Every year, Penguins mate with the same partner and even propose to them!

When being proposed to, ladies love a big rock! The same could be said for all the lady penguins out there. When a male penguin lays his eyes on the female of his dreams, he goes on a search for the best rock on the beach. Now, I am not talking about a princess cut diamond, but the smoothest prettiest pebble this penguin can find. Male penguins often fight over the best pebble to present to his lifelong mate  to be. If the chosen rock is up to the lady penguin’s standards, she will put the pebble in her nest forever.

Needless to say, our Pengoloo Penguins have searched the office for the perfect pebble, presented it and found their match for life. Who is your lucky penguin?

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