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Congratulations to Red Balloon Toy Store in Utah for Winning June’s Store of the Month

With the summer days here and our ASTRA Marketplace Convention wrapping up, it’s time to show our appreciation to our awesome retailers for June’s Store of the Month. Without further ado, congratulations to Red Balloon Toy Store in Utah for winning Store of the Month! It is little wonder our sales rep Nicholas chose Red […]

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Congratulations! Launching Success in Bellingham, Washington is our May Store of the Month

The Store of the Month for this month is (drumroll!) Launching Success Learning Store in Bellingham, Washington! This store was nominated by our sales manager Xavier for their contagious enthusiasm for our games. In my chat with Jen, the co-store owner, I learned that Launching Success Learning Store was originally started 13 years ago by […]

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Global Educator Institute has awarded Super Genius it’s Seal of Endorsement

Super Genius has just earned the Global Educator Institute (GEI) Seal of Endorsement! This Seal of Endorsement is an outstanding honor for Blue Orange. We are thrilled to be recognized and supported by an organization so passionate about classroom education. What is the GEI? GEI is an organization of educators who joins with teachers and companies to review […]

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Information and Tools for Educators

As a mother to a school-aged child, I’m always on the look out for what would help my little boy at school. And with a child with special needs, you could say that I get hyper-focused on stuff like that. I’m amazed at what his teachers and therapists will recommend to better aid him in the […]

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Why Play is Important in Child Development

Parents want to give the best opportunities to their children. Music lessons, language lessons, extra tutoring, after school learning programs, the list can go on and on. We all want to give our kids the advantages and opportunities to succeed and/or perhaps we didn’t have as children. All of those activities are wonderful opportunities. However, play […]

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint by Planting Trees and Helping Small Scale Farmers

Every year members of our sales team pack up their vans and head out across the country to visit current and prospective stores. While we take pride in this unique aspect of our company, we are also aware of the impact that multiple cross country trips in a van has on the environment. What exactly is the impact? […]

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