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Congratulations Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, KS for Winning May Store of the Month – Blue Orange Games Blog

Congratulations Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, KS for Winning May Store of the Month

The end of the school year is just around the corner. Time to grab your favorite summer games from your local toy store! Speaking of stores it’s time to announce our May Store of the Month (albeit a bit belated). Give a hand for Moon Marbles in Bonner Springs, Kansas! Bastian nominated the store because of their awesome skills with making marbles in the shop factory. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lynda Sproules, co-founder with Bruce Breslow, about their fantastic store.

Moon Marble Company was established in 1997 out a need for gaming marbles. The store started as a woodworking business. Bruce and Lynda enjoyed making toys out of wood scraps, but they quickly realized that there wasn’t a huge supply of marbles to choose from. They found one business based in West Virginia that sold interesting marbles with different designs and bought 85,000 marbles! People soon started visiting their business to marbles, and thus the Moon Marble Company was born.

Bruce making a marble
Bruce making a marble

Since they began their journey into the marble market, Moon Marbles has won multiple awards from other organizations: Best of the Road by Rand McNally in 2004, 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce by Travel Kansas in 2010, Unique Travel Gem – Travel Treasures by AAA in 2001, Organization of the Year by Wyandotte CVB in 2004, Retailer Hall of Fame by AMCI in 2006, and Best Place to Revisit Your Childhood by The Pitch in 2002. It is quite the talk of the town!

Bruce even taught himself how to make marbles, and he frequently shows visitors how he makes marbles. He folds heated glass rods into a ball together using a flame torch and a graphite mold. You can even see a panel-by-panel demonstration on how he makes the alien swirl here! Moon Marble Company even showcases marbles from artists in the US and England.


Moon Marble Company is a brilliant store dedicated to showing their customers a hypnotic world of marble magic. We are proud to continue working with them, and we wish them many more successful years of dazzling their customers with marble creation and fun games. Visit Moon Marble Company at 600 East Front Street in Bonner Springs, Kansas or you can visit them online here. Congratulations again, to the Moon Marble Company crew!

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