Congratulations to Lazy Frog in Oak Bluffs, MA for Winning October’s Store of the Month


If you’re headed to Martha’s Vineyard, you already know there’s leisure awaiting you. Nestled in this beautiful area sits the picturesque town of Oak Bluffs, which is home to our October Store of the Month winner, The Lazy Frog. If the name doesn’t paint a clear picture, then as soon as you enter the premises you will realize that this shop is your destination for all things fun and entertaining. Whether you’re heading to the beach for some sandcastle action or love a good early morning brain teaser, they have something for you! Raphael from the Blue Orange team got the chance to visit the The Lazy Frog, and was enamored by the island lifestyle and natural familiarity of this toy shop.

oak-bluffs-town-beach-oak-bluffs-marthas-vineyardWith many coming to spend the day at the scenic beaches that wrap around its coast, Oak Bluffs is ideal for lounging. As the Lazy Frog has half of their store specializing in outdoor fun and the other half dedicated to indoor fun, a quick visit is sure to be the perfect way to start any day. Stop by to pick up a Blue Orange Game, or grab a Djubi set and get ready for some time in the sunshine.


Much like the town, The Lazy Frog has interesting roots. Sarah and Jake, occasionally referred to as Mrs. and Mr. Frog, have always been dedicated to leisure. It was back in 2003, when the pair was visiting Martha’s Vineyard, that they noticed the quirky shape of the island; Jake compared it to a lazy Frog, and thus the vision was born! Fast forward to BI9U9MhCEAANgSV2005 and they opened their shop in Martha’s Vineyard with relaxation on the mind. Following the spirit of the town, The Lazy Frog welcomes all looking to have a good time with friends and family, similar to Blue Orange’s goal of enjoying the love and warmth that comes from spending genuine time with one another. With the beautiful coastline engulfing Oak Bluffs, tourists and locals can immerse themselves in the easy flow of slow days filled with good memories- with a stop at The Lazy Frog being a must.


Fastrack_GameOpenOne of Jake’s Favorite Blue Orange games is Fastrack. Having a copy that customers can play in store really allows it to sell itself, and since it’s so easy to learn anyone can become a pro with just a few matches. However, it must be warned that Jake is the “King of Fastrack”, and will not go easy on first timers. He says that “when people lose they always want to play again; then they’re hooked!” Another Lazy Frog favorite is Tricky Trunks since it so colorful and bright, it has an knack for drawing everyone in!

With thirteen seasons under their belt, the Lazy Frog is no stranger to the game. They have a perfect formula for success that starts with open doors and open arms; they know that having a welcoming environment with friendly staff and intriguing games makes all the difference. During our interview with Jake we could hear the hustle and bustle of toys and kids exploring all the shop had to offer. He even mentioned that today was a special day since they had a new greeter at the door who just happen to be a three legged dog! Whatever the case, The Lazy Frog is sure to leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to go.

Make sure to hop to their store at 42 Circuit Ave Oakbluffs, MA 02557, or visit their website for frog puns galore. We thank Jake, Sarah, and The Lazy Frog team for having such great enthusiasm and passion for fun.



By: Whitney Green

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